Network Disaster Recovery Plan

AT RISK: Your Valuable Business Data

SOLUTION:     Network Disaster Recovery Plan

How will your business respond to a disruption of networking services like: Internet access, Wide and Local Area Network Operation or Wireless Network usability? is your Network Disaster Recovery Plan partner –

Ensuring that your business is protected whether a disaster is manmade or natural.

Computer Hardware, External Hard Drives, CD’s, DVD’s, Jump Drives and Tapes alone DO NOT protect your business in the event of a disaster like fire, flood, vandalism or worse. These options are not only very expensive, but they are also prone to failure and lack the necessary redundancy to be an effective network disaster recovery plan.

The Network Disaster Recovery Plan works for businesses just like yours, because it’s a Hybrid data disaster recovery solution that will BACKUP, COMPRESS and ENCRYPT all of your data every night, before sending your vital business data to local secure equipment; AS WELL AS, redundant USA-based Cloud storage… where there is never a limit or an upcharge for increased data storage.

IF you seek -> Lower Costs -> Higher Reliability -> More Efficiency -> Tighter Security -> is the only choice for your Network Disaster Recovery Plan 

    • TRUSTABILITY – Data is FULLY Monitored, Tested, Supported, Managed daily.
    • AVAILABILITY – Backup & Recovery as fast as 5GB/minute.
    • SECURITY – Up to 448 bit BlowFish military-grade encryption;
    • RELIABILITY – Locally Stored Encrypted Data COMBINED w/USA-based redundant Cloud Backup.
    • SCALABILITY – Unlimited CLOUD STORAGE- there is NEVER an Upcharge!
    • AFFORDABILITY – $75 per server and/or $35 per desktop/laptop, per month.

“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice that I can give to any business.” Mitchell Marcus

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