Network Backup… what’s a network?

Does your business have a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) requiring network backup?

A Local Area Network can consists of 2 to 100’s of devices including computers, printers, laptops, tablets, access points… and more, as long as they are all housed in one office or building.

A Wide Area Network connects Local Area Networks in larger geographic areas, such as California, the United States, or the world.

Network Backup… why do I need it?

Whether you utilize a LAN or WAN, your business relies heavily on technology. A lost email or file can result in thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars lost – not to mention the heavy cost of squandered good will.

It is vital that your network operates at full capacity and if a disruption should occur, the system is up quickly at 100% operational status, without having to reinstall and reconfigure the entire network – is the network backup solution that your business can rely on. tackles the toughest data protection and network backup challenges with simplicity, efficiency, and top notch security. Our Network Backup solution is a Hybrid Backup, Disaster Recovery (BDR) that works regardless of the business environment. Meaning that all network backups are compressed and encrypted before leaving your facility, making it nearly impossible for anyone to access your files. Once the military-grade encryption of your data is completed, the files are sent each and every day to the secure equipment backup drive, as well as to redundant USA-based cloud datacenters.

Additionally, the Network Backup Solution offers our unique Bare Metal Restorability (BMR) – an entire computer or server can be restored to a different piece of hardware by our technical staff should the need arise… including ALL DATA and APPLICATIONS! This is a feature most other backup providers simply cannot provide.

Perhaps most important to your Network Backup solution – monitors your systems every day and should it be required, our technicians take the necessary corrective actions proactively BEFORE a minor glitch can become a problem. is the best Network Backup

Keeping your business technology running smoothly and affordably. 

    • FASTER RECOVERY: Backup & Recovery as fast as 5GB/minute;
    • STRONGER SECURITY: Up to 448 bit BlowFish military-grade encryption;
    • BETTER RELIABILITY: Locally Stored Encrypted Data COMBINED w/Cloud Backup.
    • FLEXIBLE FIT: As your storage needs grow… just add data;
    • UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE: There is NEVER an upcharge;
    • BARE METAL RESTORABILIY: Entire computer restored to new hardware;
    • AFFORDABLE RATE: $75 per server and/or $35 per desktop/laptop, per month.

“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice that I can give to any business.” Mitchell Marcus

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