Corporate Data Backup

provides fully encrypted data Locally Stored COMBINED with Cloud Backup – enabling Data, Software, and Hardware recovery of anything, anytime, and anyplace.

  • Data – backed up in minutes not hours and restored quickly;
  • Applications – software restoration as fast as 5GB/minute;
  • Workstations – Bare Metal Restorability (BMR) – entire computer seamlessly restorable;
  • Virtual Servers – encrypted data locally stored COMBINED w/cloud backup;
  • Exchange Data Base – international level quality data security;
  • ENTIRE Infrastructure – monitored daily to ensure system availability.

Corporate Data Backup technology breaks changes down to the block level, ensuring the fastest of backups of everything from a file, to a database, to the entire Systems State or Operating System… as well as everything in between.

Data is encrypted at your facility with corporate data backup BlowFish encryption that secures your data from unauthorized eyes by converting the backed-up corporate data to unreadable data BEFORE it is stored on local equipment or sent to USA-based redundant Cloud datacenters.

All encryption is completed on site, prior to data transfer to USA-based redundant cloud datacenters – safe from prying eyes. After the encryption process, your data is LOCALLY stored on secure equipment, as well as sent to redundant USA-based Cloud datacenters providing unlimited storage.

With Corporate Data Backup technology by you will protect your data and ensure system availability, at a cost-effective monthly rate – without sacrificing international level quality data security.

Corporate Data Backup – Ensures Business Uptime

  • FASTER RECOVERY – Backup and Recovery as fast as 5GB/minute;
  • STRONGER SECURITY – Up to 448 bit BlowFish military-grade encryption;
  • BETTER RELIABILITY – Locally Stored Encrypted Data COMBINED w/Cloud Backup;
  • FLEXIBLE FIT – As your storage needs grow… just add data;
  • UNLIMITED Cloud Storage – there is NEVER an upcharge!
  • ALL AFFORDABLE – $75 per server and/or $35 per desktop/laptop, per month.

“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice that I can give to any business.” Mitchell Marcus

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