Backup Solutions for Small Business:

Unlike other backup systems, provides…

  • Entire Computer, Server, and Systems State/Operating System BACKUP;
  • Bare Metal Restorability – entire computer seamlessly restorable;
  • ALL new and changed files are added both Locally and to the Cloud every night;
  • includes our unique Hybrid Backup Disaster Recovery Solution:
    1. All data is Compressed and Encrypted locally;
    2. Locally backed up on secure equipment;
    3. Also backed up onto redundant USA-based Cloud datacenters.

Backup Solutions for Small Business is a hybrid local / Internet-based system set to automatically backup all files… your files are stored locally as well as online, where they can be restored remotely by our technicians.

Data is fully and securely encrypted at your desk, backed up locally and then sent to redundant USA based Cloud datacenters where your data files can be restored at any time by technicians.

Automatic, Secure, and AFFORDABLE – Backup Solutions for Small Business

  • Your data is Protected;
  • Your data is automatically Encrypted, Backed Up and Always Available;
  • Your data is LOCALLY Stored on secure equipment;
  • Your data is Stored Securely in world-class USA-Based Cloud Datacenters;
  • Your data enjoys UNLIMITED Cloud Storage – there is NEVER an upcharge;
  • Your data, software AND hardware can be completely restored;
  • All at an Affordable Rate: $75 per server and/or $35 per desktop/laptop, per month.

Backup Solutions for Small Business keeps your business technology running smoothly, and affordably by monitoring your systems every day AND taking the necessary corrective actions proactively BEFORE a minor glitch can become a problem.

“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice that I can give to any business.” Mitchell Marcus

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