Backup and Disaster Recovery… why your Business Needs It.

One third of all computer users, who do not have backup and disaster recovery, have lost all of their data files due to events beyond their control. The loss of data is critical to business – impeding the success, and even the survival of companies. A study conducted on this very issue details that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months; AND 72% of businesses that suffer a major data loss shut their doors within 24 months.

Backup and Disaster Recovery… what is it?

Backup and Disaster Recovery is specific protocol to ensure the recovery and continuation of your technological business infrastructure – system failure is not a successful business option.

Backup and Disaster Recovery… why not only local backup?

Local only backup and disaster recovery like: Computer Hardware, External Hard Drives, CD’s, DVD’s, Jump Drives and Tapes DO NOT protect your business in the event of disasters like fire, flood, vandalism, man-made disaster or natural disaster. These local-only options are very expensive, as well as prone to failure, and lack the necessary redundancy to be an effective backup and disaster recovery plan.

Backup and Disaster Recovery… why not only cloud backup?

With cloud-only backup and disaster recovery your entire network AND all users could be completely out of work until all applications, roles and features are restored including the ability to print.

Cloud only backup is a bad idea because under certain system failures your business may not have access to the internet, which is how the cloud is accessed. The consequence will be a significantly longer recovery – this means that a disruption of networking services like: Internet access, Wide and Local Area Network Operation or Wireless Network usability… could result in a recovery that takes days instead of hours; AND the cost of the recovery would also sky rocket.

Even if your failed server still permitted internet access, in a Wide and Local Area Network Operation disruption, your business would be forced to recover from the cloud at up to 1000 times slower than your existing Area Network speed.

Additionally, the very effective tool: Bare Metal Restore (BMR), that allows for the replacement of a failed server, is NOT AN OPTION WITH CLOUD-ONLY backup – this means that rather than having your business mission critical server restored in a few hours, the process can take a week or more and require reinstallation of all the applications, features, and roles that the failed server performed.  Cloud-only backup and disaster recovery is not a successful business option.

Backup and Disaster Recovery… why choose hybrid Local and USA-based Cloud?

The Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery by is an Internet-based system set to automatically backup all files… the files are stored both locally on secure equipment as well as online, where they can be restored remotely by our technicians. Just imagine – you will never be held hostage to a lost or damaged computer again… your business will never be a data loss statistic!

Backup and Disaster Recovery… why only the hybrid?

The Total Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution securely houses your files in state-of-the-art USA-based data centers that employ incredibly complex military-grade BlowFish security measures, making it nearly impossible for anyone to access your files. All data encryption is completed at your desk – before the data is sent to local equipment AND redundant USA-based Cloud datacenters. Your business is probably not as secure as our backup and disaster recovery service.

The total Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution will back up your Data, Entire Computer, Server, and Systems State & Operating System repetitively, adding ALL new and changed files both locally and to the Cloud every night; AS WELL AS monitor your systems every day, taking all necessary corrective actions proactively BEFORE a minor glitch has the opportunity to become a problem.

Additionally, the Total Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution offers Bare Metal Restorability – an entire computer can be restored to a different piece of hardware… including ALL DATA and APPLICATIONS!

Backup and Disaster Recovery… – the right choice!