Data Backup AND Recovery

Data Backup AND Recovery are key to the success of any business. Rest assured that will backup your data consistently and continuously on a daily basis, as well as put in place the recovery of your data AND software applications – that means that should the need arise, your business can seamlessly return to before things went wrong!

Your valuable business data is protected and easily recovered either Onsite or from the Cloud:

  • Data is backed up in minutes not hours – it’s FAST;
  • Locally Stored Encrypted Data COMBINED with redundant USA-based Cloud Backup – it’s SECURE;
  • Data Backup AND Recovery of anything, anywhere, at any time – it’s POWERFUL;
  • FULLY Monitored, Tested, Supported and Managed – it’s

Technology can fail business – will get you running again – Quickly

We have made Data Backup AND Recovery simple, but significant for your business at affordable rates by melding the best aspects of local and cloud based data backup and recovery to improve the availability, security and the speed of recovery.

    • Data Compressed and Encrypted at your desk with MILTARY-GRADE BlowFish Encryption;
    • LOCALLY Stored on secure equipment
    • 1 or 2 terabytes – very ample for most businesses;
    • UNLIMITED Cloud Storage at USA-based Datacenters – never an upcharge;
    • Complete Software AND Hardware Restoration (BMR);
    • $75 per server and/or $35 per desktop/laptop, per month – AFFORDABLE.

“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice that I can give to any business.” Mitchell Marcus

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