Are You Prepared for Disaster?

One out of every three computer users, who do not have backup and disaster recovery, have lost all of their data files due to events beyond their control.

Pretty much every business has some sort of data disaster story… ask yourself, how will your business respond to a disruption of networking services like: Internet access, Wide and Local Area Network Operation or Wireless Network usability; or complete hardware failure; or software application corruption?

The loss of data is critical to business – impeding the success, and even the survival of companies. A study conducted on this very issue details that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months; AND 72% of businesses that suffer a major data loss shut their doors within 24 months.

It’s not if data loss will occur, but rather, when will your data loss occur… and will you be protected or a data loss statistic?

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“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice for protection that I can give to any business;  Mitchell Marcus”

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