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Are You Prepared for Disaster?

One out of every three computer users have lost critical computer files due to events beyond their control.  We can prevent this.  It’s what we do, every day, for companies just like yours.  From one computer and no server to 100 computers and 15 servers in multiple locations.  We do it with real hands on people that watch your backup every working day.

Pretty much every business has some sort of computer disaster story… ask yourself, how will your business respond if you were a ransomware victim, virus infected, had a Hard Drive failure, or had a critical application become corrupted? 


Write a check, send out an email, write a proposal, check your bank account….   None of these can be done if your computers are down.  Might as well just pack it up and go home.  Unless you have TBS providing a complete system backup with built in bare metal restore.  At a flat fixed, affordable monthly cost.  All service and support built included..

We will restore your Server, Hyper-V, or Workstation to the condition it was just before that claustrophobic lightning strike, hard drive failure, virus attack, your newborn pounding on the keys, or Puppy letting lose on the computer…  That is TBS Backup.  That is what we do, and we do it very well.

Why do I need a backup?  I copy my critical files to a USB drive every night.  I carry them with me everywhere I go.  Well that is just fine..  until it isn’t.  The time to find out that USB sticks do not do well in hot water and Tide or about the limitations of this backup approach is not the minute you need it.  This approach does not backup or restore the application, your customizations or the myriad of other tedious setup things you have completely forgotten about.

TBS backup backs up the entire system.  Can be restored to the same computer or a completely different computer.  Just login and pickup where you left off.  All settings and applications are restored exactly as they were prior to your crash/virus/lightning strike/spilling the coffee on the keyboard (yes it really does happen), etc. All is not lost.

The loss of data can kill a business – Faster than a sledge hammer can hit a roach.  Think about it.  How would you conduct business today without your computer system? A study conducted on this very issue details that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut their doors within 6 months; AND 72% suffering a major data loss shut down within 24 months.

If data loss is not an issue for you then we wish you luck.  No, everything is NOT in the cloud and NO the Cloud is not backed up.  We’ve had computer failures ourselves which is why we developed TBS.  We use it on every one of our servers and our critical workstations.  I will tell you, it really does work.

In the Technology world, it’s not if data loss will occur, but when…  Will you be protected or among the 60% to 72% that need to find another way to earn a living?

Call us, fill out our contact sheet, email us, look at our competitors.  You will find we’re the lowest fixed cost BDR All inclusive service.  Even if you decide you don’t need us, CALL US and spend 10 min telling us WHY you don’t need a backup.  Ya never know, maybe we will learn something.  I guarantee you will.

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“Reliable Data Backup and Recovery that is 100% actively monitored is the best advice for protection that I can give to any business;  Mitchell Marcus”

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